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Open access publishing


About This Course

This cours aims to give a quick introduction to the following topics:

* Why open access is such a big deal

* The different types of open access

* Authors' rights

* Rules and guidelines

* What open access options are available to you

* Some tips on how to find a open access option for your paper

If you are interested in learning more about the different topics, we recommend exploring the different links provided throughout the course.


This course requires no previous publishing experience.

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Henrik Karlstrøm

Senior advisor for bibliometrics at NTNU University Library, with a PhD in science and technology studies. Main responsibilities at the library are analysis and reporting on scientific publishing at the university.

Course Staff Image #2

Sindre Andre Pedersen

Senior research librarian in medicine at NTNU University Library, with a PhD in physiology. Main responsibilities at the library are research support and teaching - including guidance and support in relation to open publishing.

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