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International Course on Wood Conservation Technology

Enrollment is Closed


Every other year since 1984 the International Course on Wood Conservation Technology (ICWCT) has been organised by the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage in cooperation with ICCROM (The International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property) and NTNU (the Norwegian University of Science and Technology).

The aim of the course

The aim of ICWCT is to promote cultural understanding and research in the field of wood conservation, and to be a valuable resource for the work of the individual participants in their respective countries. The ICWCT covers a wide range of interdisciplinary topics. The course runs over 7 weeks (from 22nd March – 21st May) and consists of blended learning; live Zoom lectures and discussions with fellow participants, as well as self-study with assignments on Ed-X. By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Analyse how and why the material properties of wood determine its processing and use
  • Diagnose the causes of deterioration of wooden structures and objects
  • Prioritise the values and ethics associated with wooden structures and objects
  • Evaluate conservation options for damaged wooden structures and objects within the context of a range of historical and cultural practices

The course concludes with a written exam, which awards 7,5 (ECT) university credits.